2020 Course Instructors

Over the years we have hosted many impressive instructors from around Australia and the world of karate, and in 2019 we are again very proud and thrilled to announce Sensei Ticky Donovan OBE 9th Dan as our special international instructor.  The progressive announcement of the instructors will be highlighted here and on the 2019 Summer Course Facebook page. The following instructors will be at the course and will be joined by others - we still have some updating to do here!

Sensei Tony Hails 8th Dan Ishinryu

Your course host and the founder of Ishinryu Karate in Australia. Current National Mentor Coach to the Fijian Karate Federation.

Former National & Technical coach of Australia (5 times at WKF championships).

As a competitor, APUKO dual gold medallist & 4 time representative at the WKF World Championships. National captain.

Sensei Arthur Moulas 9th Dan Uechi-Ryu

Uechi Ryu Karate 9 dan and Matayoshi Kobudo 5 dan Sensei Arthur is a kobudo master, and hence weapons specialist on the course.

Blitz magazine featured Sensei Arthur a few years ago, you may like to read this fabulous article.

Sensei Phil Laing 7th Dan Ishinryu

Chief Instructor Ishinryu New Zealand.

Current executive board member of Karate New Zealand

New Zealand National coaching panel.

Former World Championship kumite and kata competitor for New Zealand.

Sensei Glenn Stephenson 7th Dan Goju Ryu

President and Chief Instructor for Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia

Sensei Jim Phillips 6th Dan Kyokushinkai

Sensei Jim Phillips brings Kyokushinkai hard training to the course. Guaranteed to energise all participants who choose to participate in his classes...

Sensei Stuart Kaighin 6th Dan Ishinryu

AKF National Kata Judge

Former Australian Champion.

Kata and weapons specialist.

Sensei Ryan van Leent 6th Dan Shotokan

Weapons, kata, self and knife defence, tai chi.

Shotokan referee.

Sensei Alison Peachey 6th Dan Ishinryu

WKF kumite judge.

Oceania kumite referee and kata judge.

Ishinryu Karate Australia Chief Referee.

Former international competitor for Australia.

Sensei Edji Zenel 5th Dan Shotokan

Former assistant National Coach for Australia.

Oceania referee.

Current international veterans competitor in kata and kumite.

Sensei Leighton Wren 5th Dan Ishinryu

Former national champion and Australian representative at Junior World, Commonwealth and Oceania Championships.

Current personal fitness trainer with Dark Fire Fitness.

Sensei Peter Sbirakos 3rd Dan Ishinryu

Our strength and conditioning specialist. Master of High Performance Sport.

Former Sports Scientist to the Canberra Raiders NRL team.